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Company tenet:Wholeheartedly for the furniture manufacturing services! 
Enterprise core value:The following list of core values reflects all the aspects that we really need to focus on as an enterprise. These values have been embedded in our company as a cultural foundation, Also, because of something or It differs from man to man. What is the scale of Ming Da Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. As long as we adhere to these core values, We can always maintain company characteristics,These core values are the soul of the Ming Da Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. 
Lifetime customer service:Pay close attention to the customer's attention and be close to the use,Continue to create extraordinary value for customers, to help customers grow. 
Trust and respect for individuals :Work together to build an inclusive corporate culture of mutual trust and respect and dignity for all.
Success and contribution:Everything pursues excellence; the success of a company is inseparable from the contribution of everyone.
Stick to team work:Sharing, sharing, self completion, big self.  continuous innovation:Hold on to the changes, the only change to the right place.
operate the business with sincerity and honesty:A small fortune depends on wisdom, and a great deal of money on virtue.
company mission: Let the wooden machines praise life! 
management policy:Industry oriented, Customer satisfaction as the center,Take advantage of continuous innovation, With quality, medium price as the root
Business Vision:Build woodworking machinery industry top brands, become customers preferred partner! 
Enterprise Slogan:Ming Da MingDa For Your Success! We use advanced wood machinery technology dedicated to the people of the world, to help partners, as soon as possible cause of Tengda.
Brand appeal:"Well-known in the world,Famous and influential to aid China or the world."
Social responsibility view :the remoulding of people,and the pursuit of ultimate goodness.
quality policy:Customer first, quality first, full participation, excellence
spirit of enterprise:Seeking truth and truth, pioneering and innovative, United, dedicated, and striving for excellence! 
marketing idea:Product is the magic weapon of eternal success. Distribution and direct marketing three-dimensional regional system management ,Create customer value and achieve win-win situation
management idea:As good as water, social commitment.No haste, no gain! 
Product view:Product is character! 
Quality view:Quality is the conscience, really monoprix! 
quality view:The quality of the soul, in originality!
view of talent:This is the end of people-oriented, virtue, talent! 
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